How to keep portable and uploadable copy from your SAP configuration

Describe using BCset functionality to download SAP configuration and upload it in any other SAP system with specific limitation.

In this blog post we are going to explain:

1- The business cases that we may need to keep our configuration

2- Demo for how to use BC sets and upload and activate BC set files

3- Some limitations related to BC sets used

by End of this video you can use BCsets and keep a copy from your configuration

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Ayman Mohmed December 11, 2020 0 Comments

Configure all Doc. Splitting line items categories in 1 Min

Document splitting is part of new General ledger functionality that is widely implemented in all new SAP implementations in either ECC or S/4 HANA implementations

I wrote a blog post:

Where  I got feedback the feedback : It’s complicated.

In this video blog, I tried to simplify the document splitting line item category configuration and I could configure it in full within 1 Minute.

By end of this video following knowledge expected to be covered

  • Expected results by the end of Part one

1.Understand document splitting concept

2.Know what is Partner profit center !

3.Generate financial statement per mandatory Characteristic ( Profit center)

  • Expected results by the end of Part two

1.Use Standard “Check item categories program” for finance system health check and for GL assignment derivation

2.Know how to check SAP recommendation for GL item Categories

3.Know how to solve below Errors

  • There is no item category assigned to account XXXXX/1000
  • Item category XXXX is missing (obligatory in accounting transaction 1000/0)


By end of this blog post we emphasis the importance of item categories and its main role that affect document splitting and in turn all financial postings either in General ledger, Subsidiary ledger or financial document flows from other module.

We went through small case that shows small changes in item category configuration can lead to big consequences, error messages that may raise based on incorrect or incomplete item categories and fast way to check and analyze item categories for document splitting.

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7 Secrets about SAP transportation request that every Functional consultant Should Knows

Transportation request is considered pool of changes that you did in database tables during your customization changes !

It’s have a lot of benefits and business cases , but also a lot of secrets that if functional consultant know it will make life easier during configuration

In this Video after discussing relationship between Client and transportation request we will explore following functionalities:

1. Un-release released transportation request

2. Check transportation request objects

3. Include objects manually in transportation request

4. Delete Transportation request

5. Merge transportation request functionality

6. Change transportation request user

7. Assign New user for transportation request

In addition to business cases related to each and every case.

Explanation available in two languages Arabic and English

English link

Arabic Link:

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Ayman Mohmed December 2, 2020 0 Comments