Learn to Debug ABAP Programs

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This book is a humble attempt to make debugging easy for functional consultant and get familiar with technical aspects of SAP. “No nonsense, to the point” is the philosophy of book. Each and every chapter is discussed from very scrach to advance level.


SAP is not a flexible ERP software, it ask business to change their way of working to fit it into SAP. This is a hard truth you will often listen.

Every business is unique in its nature, it has unique process, that are developed over the course of time period. So you cannot expect single standard solution to be suited for everyone and that is where customization comes in.

In every orginazation you work for, will have custom transactions, Z processes, enhanced transactions, Interfaces connecting tens of other systems. So it become very essential for a functional consultant to have fair knowledge of technical stuff.

Here is the taste of what you will get in this book:

Basics of ABAP …7
How programs work? …9
SAP Architecture … 11
Everything about SE11 ABAP Directory … 13
ABAP Keywords …15
Everything about SE80 …22
Important Transaction codes in SAP ABAP …35
How to read ABAP Programs …35
How to use Database Trace …43
Find out all custom enhancements for any transaction … 48
What is version management in Programs? …52
Find out Data source of any field from any transaction … 54
What is Debugging …58
Introduction to New ABAP Debugger …61
How to Navigate through Program ….65
Debug and Monitor Variable values …67
Different ways to create breakpoint …74
Watchpoint …78
How to debug a background job …85
What is BDC Recordings ….86
How BAPI works … 89
What is BADI and How to find them? …89
How to Debug IDOC? …93
Change values directly in Table…99
Scenario 1: Error track down by error message content … 103
Scenario 2: I know the program name and want to find out transaction code … 107
Scenario 3: Error in Z Transaction code …108
Scenario 4: Track down error root cause from error message number … 113
How to read any program structure? …120
Scan any program/source code … 123
Conclusion …124


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