Manual and electronic bank reconciliation in SAP: Step by step guide for EBS with real time business scenarios

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This book will help you to practically understand BRS and EBS in SAP. This book is entirely designed to help people configuring EBS in SAP.


This is an end to end guide for SAP EBS functionality. This will be your on the way reference for entire RBS needs.

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1. Introduction of business process

1.1 Bank Reconciliation

1.2 Reasons for Bank Reconciliation

1.3 Key Takeaways

1.4 Cash clearing Process

2 Bank Accounts Configuration

2.1 Create Bank Master Data

2.2 Define House Bank

2.3 Define Bank accounts

2.4 Update G/L account

2.5 Create G/L Accounts (FS00)

3 Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS) Configuration

3.1 Create Account symbol

3.2 Assign Accounts to Account symbol

3.3 Create keys for posting

3.4 Define posting rule

3.5 Create and assign business transactions

3.6 Define variants for BRS

4 End user Process – Manual Bank Statement Posting

4.1 Post with clearing G/L Account

4.2 Post to Sub Ledger account

4.3 Clear Debit Sub Ledger account

4.4 Manual bank reconciliation for Bank charges and Bank Interest

4.5 Line Item Display for Related G/L Accounts

4.6 Resetting and Reversal of transactions

4.7 Deletion of Bank Statement

4.8 How to handle errors

5 Electronic Bank Statement

5.1 Create transaction type

5.2 Assign External transaction type to posting rule

5.3 Interpretation Algorithm

5.4 Assign bank accounts to external transaction type

5.5 Develop Enhancements for Electronic Bank Statement (General)

5.6 Search String

6 Business Process

6.1 Outgoing payment

6.2 Post processing Account Statements

7 End user process

7.1 Clearing document through check number

7.2 Post to customer account

7.3 Clear vendor invoice through Document number

7.4 Clear invoice by maintaining XBELNR field

8 Tables & transaction codes

9 Sample bank files

10 General Note




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